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Practice Live

About Us

Practice Live helps Owners create the Allied Health business they dreamt of when they first started out.

We believe the Allied Health Industry has the greatest impact on people’s happiness and quality of life of any industry in the world. In order to do this really well, Health Practices need to function at their absolute best, which includes using world’s best business practices.

A high percentage of Practitioners started their practice journey with a dream of creating a bigger and better lifestyle. Unfortunately the majority never experience the reality of that lifestyle – instead ending up working more hours, with more stress and often for less money. Allied Health Practice owners are some of the most overworked and undervalued people in our communities. That needs to change.

Our mantra is to enable our Practice owners to:

  • Gain control of their business, and run it on Auto-Pilot, even whilst they’re away
  • Consistently grow their income to multiple times what they would earn as a Practitioner
  • Reduce their clinical hours to a minimum
  • Scale their business to multiple practices (if desired), whilst working less

To achieve success, Practice owners need to step out of the day-to-day treadmill of patient treatment to actually make it happen. But we know how difficult this can be. Owners often express a sense of feeling ‘alone’ with the challenges and opportunities they face in business. Whilst they are amazing Practitioners, many lack the business knowledge, and don’t know where to seek advice and help. Brad will take a systematic, structured, fact-based approach with Practice owners to unleash the income and growth potential of their business, and correct the imbalance.

About Brad

Since 2014 Brad has helped many small-medium businesses move into the top 5% of their sectors. Over his 22 years of business management, he has consistently delivered double digit business growth year on year.

Brad has a real-world approach to helping Allied Health Practice owners grow their income, whilst reducing their clinical hours, and developing a proven system for growth.   

After many years improving sales and profit results, including running his own business, Brad completed an MBA at LaTrobe University in 2011- majoring in Strategic Management and Marketing, where he was awarded a Dean’s Commendation in each of his three years.

What we do

Did you know there are 1000 different combinations to a three digit lock? We take the guesswork and years of trial and error out of Allied Health Practice growth, with proven management, marketing and business systems.   Whether you’ve just started your first Practice, are a growing practice or multi-practice business, one of our three programs will help you reach your goals.

The Three Practice Live programs are specifically designed for Allied Health Practices only.

Why Practice Owners love brad

Practice Live

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