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Practice Growth Program

Think back to when you first started your Practice. Has it worked out the way you thought? The answer for most owners is no. Most work more hours, and earn less money than they did as a clinician, as well as have more stress which often extends through to their family life. It doesn’t need to be that way.  The Practice Growth Program will put the steps in place to:

  1. Help you transition from being a clinician to a CEO, and take control of your business
  2. Develop your team to actually grow the business even without you
  3. Systemise your marketing for a consistent flow of new clients
  4. Achieve greater patient retention – stop the leaky bucket
  5. Scale your business to multiple Practices – whilst working 4-days/week

We work closely with you and your management team to:

  • Document your Vision and Plan for the business, with a step-by-step roadmap 
  • Establish an online Dashboard that identifies business performance week-to-week
  • Foster a team that are engaged, motivated and driven to grow your business
  • Develop a laser-focused marketing plan that gives you a consistent flow of new enquiries that you can dial up or down, depending on how many new patients you want
  • Create Management Systems to enable your business to run on Auto-Pilot.  Regardless of how many practices you have. 

The Practice Growth Program comprises of two distinct phases: 

Phase One involves once weekly meetings for five weeks. Over this time we will work closely with you and your senior Team to develop a Vision and Plan for your Practice. Everyone’s on the same page.

Phase Two shifts to two clearly-defined monthly meetings – a Board Meeting where we identify and discuss the most important initiatives to keep your business growing. It’s all about strategy implementation, and getting it right. The Finance Meeting is where we analyse the live Dashboard developed in Phase One, discuss the important financials from the previous month, and review which KPI needs attention. 

The Practice Growth Program is not a “one size fits all” mentoring program. Every Health Practice is different.  We provide a hands-on, personalised system which is tailored to work specifically with your Practice, and give you the results you want in the quickest timeframe. 

Practice Live

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